Magpie Mosaics

I'm a collector.  A collector of stories and ideas.  

I like to think of myself as a magpie.  A bird collecting pretty pieces that when they come together become this beautiful mosaic of a nest.  I've always been fascinated and passionate about learning and the world.  And my family has created a culture that fosters and deepens my affinity for creating 'mosaics'.   My family is a crazy mix of people.  A wide range of personalities, looks, and backgrounds.  Yet when differences are justaxposed it is a beautiful reminder of what also connects us as people.  That there are core things that run through all people. When I look back at my first solo piece, Portrait of a Family, I see how strongly this theme runs through my life and continues to inform my work.   

I'm grateful for the beautiful work that I run into.  The beautiful collections of work and ideas and songs and people who remind and help me to keep creating and collecting and connecting.  That even as I face the broken pieces of my life that I can begin to see the connections and the mosaics that can begin to emerge.  

And I'm starting to see that this mosaic and magpie style of creating is at the core of how I create.  That one of the aspects that draws me to acting is the ability to learn and passionately dive into the world.  To collect pieces that can become a part of the mosaics I create.  

Below are some collections from this year.  Parts of the mosaic that my year has been. And segments of the creative journey I find myself traveling.