A Safe Place

I like seeing the physical space that people create in.  The corner of the world where they 'make' things.  There is something sacred in a space.  The way it can hold memories and possibilities.  I think often of 'safe' places.  Spaces in the world that provide the safety we need to fail and make mistakes and play.   

I think about some of my first 'safe places'.  The hours I spent building blanket tents around the bunk bed I shared with my sister.  A place to tell stories and create worlds with my stuffed animals.  A place of possibilities.   

I've been grateful for the studio space I have had the last few years.  A place to work and dream and wrestle.  I'm thankful for the silence it provides in my life.  For the deer that come around and the humming bird I saw yesterday. 

I am often told that acting takes place in the specific locations of NYC and LA.  And I can feel a sense of guilt, pressure, failure and many other emotions when I say that I am an actor living in Western, PA.  I can fall into the trap of believing that success is creating in the specific spaces of NYC and LA and that the work I do has less value because it is in a less competitive smaller space of the world.  

It has taken me a long time to feel confident saying that my work is acting.  And I'm learning to be more comfortable creating in my own corner of the world, no matter how ordinary or small the space or place may be. 

There is much to the business side of acting that tells me that what I'm doing is impractical, though there is nothing especially practical or logical about the work or world of acting.  For many  NYC and LA are the spaces they need to be to create.  And I never say no...

Yet, I find many of my favorite days to be the days in the studio tucked in the woods of Western, PA.  A place that holds memories and days of wrestling and the safety to explore and create and grow as an artist.  Because in the safety of this creative place I am learning how to serve and grow in the craft of acting.  And if I am honest that is my dream.   To create and grow in my understanding of acting.  

And for the present my safe place to do that happens to be a studio in the woods that used to be a barn.