A Magpie Actor

Heather Carleton Greco 

Heather Carleton Greco 

At different points in my life I've taken personality tests.  They are interesting guides that help me understand how I process and see the world.  This year I took a rather extensive one and it confirmed my need to connect, discover, and dive into intensity.   There were other strong themes that appeared as well, that converge to make up this crazy that is me.  But my sister, who happens to be a licsened counselor, assures me that I am just artist crazy.  

I love finding, connecting, and weaving together.  I also live in a lot of complexity and layers.  I look at one layer and there are a dozen below.  And then I have to wrestle.  With the paradoxes in my own life - loving to create and act and carrying heaps of empathy and feelings around - with strong urges to hide and create in obscurity.  So I call myself a Magpie to help explain this strange desire to find things. Magpies are known for building large nests from found objects.  Woven together over an extensive period of time.  And they are know as a bit cheeky and intelligent.  

I have this soft spot for them.  Because I love to collect things as well.  New ideas, artists, stories and then consider the ways they can be woven together.  I love connecting things that don't have natural connections.  And I like to build things from these found objects.  And like the Magpie, my life is often a contradiction.  Huge heart, little body. 

Mostly I wrestle.  I listen.  I collect.  I create loud strong opinions and then listen some more. I see the contradictions, complexities, stories of life and I don't have answers.  But I slowly collect and try to weave it together into something beautiful - something that can sustain and nurture life.  

There are many days I'm stubborn and push against the 'way' things are.  And so I march off on a new path.  It's usually not the easy path.  But those personality tests keep saying that this walking heart likes to stubbornly create things that carry a sense of authenticity and connection to the world. 

As the year comes to a close I share with you some of the things I've been collecting.  Work that I store away - that helps me make and create.  I have found these little pieces of life woven into my own this year.  Odd bits and pieces of the world that help me learn how to create life in the world we live in.  If you follow me on Twitter you can see a long list of ideas, stories, art etc. I collect.  And though it may appear random and odd at times I can promise you it all connects in my brain in some sort of lovely abstract connected way.  

Because really what I collect are stories.  Told in a variety of form, but all stories.  And I deeply believe, that stories matter.  That your story, my story, all of our stories carry value.  But some days I forget that and we all forget that.  And we need a reminder that we are connected - because we all carry value and something that can be woven into this big thing we call life.  So whatever your little twig or big branch is that you add to the nest - it matters.  At least one crazy Magpie of a personality thinks that your story needs to be here! 

So I offer you a few of my Magpie collections from this year.  

Inspiration for my Tai Chi practice...

Dark Passengersby   by Destiny Blue