Song of Songs Premier

I have been thinking of some version of a Song of Songs performance for many years.  I have loved the poetry for even longer.  

Today I am processing the other side.  The day after a performance and when a new piece comes into the world.  

Last night I felt wrapped in the support of so many.  A community of people coming together who encouraged Lara and I as we brought a unique journey to life.  

I always feel nervous with a new piece entering the world.  Will people get it?  How will it impact the audience?  Will our vision get across?  Will I be able to reach my own vision and hopes for the piece?  

I'm starting to see my life as a performer as more of a marathon than a sprint.  The reminder that creating and performing is about a journey that doesn't have to be rushed through.  That the daily ordinary moments forward in the creative process help this marathon of creating.  

I'm tired today.  But a tired that is filled with the encouragement of the gift of so many helping this new piece come to life.  The reminder that this is a long journey.   A journey that can surprise me with the sudden beautiful flashes of people coming together.  A journey that is made of many small ordinary steps.