we all are a little messy...

 In about a week Lara and I are going to share our adaptation of Song of Songs.  A story that doesn't have a clear linear path or even characters that have an easily defined history.  The main characters don't even have names.  

Song of Songs is an old text.  Set in a culture far removed from my own.  With cultural understandings and traditions that I don't understand.  Yet, there is a humanness in the poetry.  The roller coaster emotions of falling in love, the fear that love brings, the struggle to commit to another person, and the goodness that can come through shared depth and life. 

People have all sorts of emotions tied to Valetines Day.  Swaying from delight to cynicism.  

I'm not really the first choice to adapt this piece and I can't even really explain why I love it so much.  Relationships are more a mess than anything for me.  But there has been something freeing in the process.  The reminder that we are all a bit messy.  That even those that have it together have mess.  That life has struggle.  That relationships and lack of relationships are filled with their own struggles.  

The story we are sharing is specific.  But I want it to be for the community.  For all of us.  For healing.  For the reminder that people are worth fighting for.  That we all need loved.  That we all can reach out and love.  

And maybe life won't have the romance we expected or longed for and maybe it will.  But in the loss and the searching, in the having and holding.  In it all.  I'm thankful for stories that share the hope of people coming together, of sharing life together.  Of communities coming together to share wine and bread, without pointing fingers about who has or does not have love.   But rather coming together to learn how to care for one another and be there in the mess that we all carry.

And I'm reminded that even as I feel the mess of working on a new piece, the reminder of how I fall apart and get bounced through ever emotion in the book, that we are all a little messy.  But maybe it's ok.  Maybe it's ok to be a bit of a mess some days.  

So whether you will be singing sappy love songs or cynically avoiding the swarth of red, I hope you find stories that help you see love in the world.  Stories that help you know that we each carry worth.  Stories that remind us that love takes a community.  Stories that help break our cynicism towards the world.  Stories that help us see one another.  Mess and all. 

And it may even feel cheesy.  And stupid and childish.   But I think I could use a little more child like wonder for the world.  And the reminder that we are worth being loved.  Mess and all.