'fight in the light'


I wrestle with the question of whether I should create stories.  I have for most of my life.  I've never questioned that I love stories.  And I'm not even stuck on a particular style of story telling.  Dance, books, films, visual art, acting...I love so many mediums of story telling.  

The older I get and the more suffering I see in the world I am learning the power of stories.  That the work I am doing of trying to tell better stories is not in fact selfish or a waste of time.   Even if the very stories I seek to tell are stories that may last but brief moments in space and time.    

Because in my darkest times I look for stories.  I need them.  They help me breath.  They help me process.  They help me heal.  

There are bad stories and evil stories.  Stories told to destroy others.  Stories to dehumanize.  And these stories are powerful.  They can be the stories we tell ourselves that are filled with with lies, the ones we buy into and live out.  Or the stories others have told us that we have bought into and allowed to seep into our hearts.  

And so I believe that stories have power.  Power to harm and power to heal.  

I'm finding in myself not only a love for stories, but an urgency for them.  A deep desire to fight for stories.  Stories that heal.  Stories that move powerfully to bring good in the world.  Stories that play and laugh.  Stories that help us see one another.  Stories that are full of compassion.   And I am grateful for those who are telling those stories - for their sacrifices and risks to tell stories of healing.  Stories that my heart is hungry for.  Stories that reach to me in the dark.  

Why stories?  Because the world needs healing.  Because I need healing.  Because stories help in the healing.  Because stories hold power.   

So I fight today for stories of hope and healing.  Stories of beauty and compassion.  Stories that fight.   Today I sing the lyrics of this song..." Fight in the light til I give my final breath"  Growing Up by Run River North