The Cost

Friday I sat on a stage floor with Lara Cottrill and we talked about Amiche. About what the past, almost year, of our company has been like and our dreams for the future of Amiche

As I reflect on where a year has taken us I am thankful and amazed.  We have lots of big dreams and ideas.  And despite our lives and schedules and the obstacles that we face we have made art.  And to do that with a friend and fellow artists is a gift.  

I always leave our meetings encouraged. Because they are honest.  We come as we are.  Our grouchy, passionate, discouraged, excited, selves.  

Because the reality we face is that making art is a discouraging and often frustrating journey.  The obstacles are many.  Our own emotions, financial struggles, rejections, etc.  Which is why so many people will say, unless you can't do anything else don't pursue the performing arts.  

But life is hard.  Life is filled with struggle whether we make art or not.  And yes creating art is costly and risky.  

We can invest and perhaps fail.  We can make something and be rejected.  

But life is costly and risky.  And unexpected hardships can happen in our lives regardless of our planning. 

As Lara and I sit and dream and create I am reminded that as costly as this creative life is I want to be in it.  Because I want to not only tell good stories I want to live a truthful story myself.  I want to live a story that invests in beauty even at the cost.  I may not get anything back.  But the emotions, the joys, the intangible parts of life that make life beautiful can be found on this journey.  

Making art is costly.  Lara and I know that all too well.  Just look at our bank accounts.  And there are days we wonder if we are making 'wise' choices.  And then we remind each other that it may not be practical or wise - but these ordinary moments we create are about helping each other and our audiences get a deeper glimpse at the ordinary beautiful moments of life around us.  It can feel a bit like this short film/ad "Unsung Hero".

We create for those small ordinary moments when an audience member tells us thank you.  For the moments when we look out at our audience and see a diverse group of people gathered together who would not normally be in the same room.  We create because we know that our lives are richer for the beauty we have witnessed.  We create for the love and passion we have found in the creative process.  We create not because it makes sense or is practical, but because we have learned that life is hard and filled with struggle. We create because it gives us great joy.  We create because we dream of what can be in the world.  We create to reminder ourselves to see the beautiful in the world.  We create in-spite of our fears, struggles, and obstacles, because there are people who are walking alongside us who remind us, in the ordinary daily moments, to keep moving forward in this creative process.