News...and Big Adventures

I like creating.  And I especially like creating with friends.  There are days when I wish I could collect all the people I've had the privilege of creating with and bring us all together to keep making things.  

Creating art often feels like an isolating venture.  There are spurts of time with others and then seasons of isolation.   And even if you want to work with other people the timing isn't always right.  It can feel a bit like dating.  Sometimes it works and somedays you are just off in the timing or one person likes the other more.  So when it works out it can feel miraculous.   

I'm feeling especially excited for this coming summer.  (First because it has been a LONG winter and I'm desperate for warm weather!) But also because a year ago Lara Lynn Cottrill and I hatched this plan for a performance group - Amiche. We started out with plans for us to combine performing and teaching.  But as the year has progressed and as we started working out what we wanted to be about, we decided that we wanted to be honest about what we really want.  And what we both really want is to perform.  To be able to share a passion for performing with someone and plunge ahead together is a huge gift to me.  And knowing how difficult it can be to find people to work with I am even more grateful for what we have been able to do. Another hope for us at Amiche is to connect people.  We want to see artists and communities coming together to bring resources and connections together to help each other out.   We want to see diverse groups of people sharing and celebrating life and beauty.  

And all of this feels all the more wonderful because it has been a dream of mine for so long.  There has been a lot of slogging through frustrations and uncertainties and questions for both Lara and I.  And we still face those often.  But there is really something about facing challenges with others.  And to begin to see the investment we have put into Amiche this past year begin to blossom and grow is so encouraging.  

We have big plans for the summer.  Plans to create.  New shows that we are working to develop. Goals of performing and traveling. Dreams of doing big things.  And we are starting the summer off in a big way by hosting our very first Amiche Artists Festival in June.  

But the piece that makes me most proud of what we have been doing is that we are sticking to who we are.  We are creating work that is filled with our passions and interests.  And there is something wonderful about creating pieces that we believe in.  That we love.   

So we are stepping forward piece by piece, step by step to follow our passion to perform and create work.   And it feels crazy.  And adventures are not always filled with easy roads, but I am grateful for all the amazing people I am meeting on this adventure.   

So here's to dreams of a summer filled with creativity and friendship and art.