It's a marathon...

I like running.  It's one of the few activities that helps my mind settle.  Last year I ran the longest distances I've ever run.  Back and forth on my road, completing my own little half marathons.  It was exhausting but there was also the thrill.  The, "I completed this huge thing"  feel.  

I've been thinking of distance running this week.  Because I wonder what it looks like in my own art.  I like to try to sprint in my work.  To get to the next thing.  And there is a great deal of pressure to work that way.  It's the question that is asked most often, "What are you working on?" or "What do you have lined up next?".  

I always have ideas and dreams and big plans.  The hard part is seeing the whole picture.  And doing the little things that build to the longer marathon journey.  As well as facing the things that make distance running so difficult, the mental games we play and pushing back against the pressure to try to sprint to the next "big" thing.

I love this idea that Karen X. Cheng has created.  There is something so inspiring about seeing the process of someone's journey.  It reminds me that there is much to a finish line.  That there are many many steps prior that need to happen.  And that some of them may be difficult.  

And it helps me remember to give myself grace.  That I don't have to have it all sorted out today.  That things grow over time.  That small steps matter, even the ones that don't feel so sure.