comfort in a cup of coffee...

My love of coffee started after college.  And slowly coffee became a comfort 'food' in my life.  I don't know what it is about coffee - but it feels like a sense of "home" in a cup. 

I love hearing people talk about work they enjoy.  I get a sense of 'home' as they describe what they do.  That they have found a little piece of the world that feels right.  Something that brings comfort the way a good cup of coffee does. 

The word 'genius' is thrown around a lot when it comes to creatives.  Being the competitive person I am there is this nagging question in the back of my head -  "How does one reach this genius label?"  As if this is what we should all be striving for.  

I keep wondering what would happen if we let go of calling each other "genius".  If in fact this is the wrong thing to be striving for.  Because even those who have contributed amazing things to this world have also created bad work. ( Not every Shakespeare play is amazing.)  What if we told people we found joy in watching them work.  If we told people that we are thankful for the wonder and delight they have in what they do.  If we thanked people for being faithful to creating and striving towards excellence.  What if we thanked people for sticking with their work when it is difficult.  

There is a weight in being a 'genius' or striving to create at that level.  No one can live up to that.  

I wonder what would happen if we created with a desire to create pieces of 'home' in the world.  A small cup of coffee to offer up to one another.  What if we thanked people for getting up each morning and doing the hard work of investing in the daily.  In being faithful to create.  Not just moments of glory - but the long days of slogging through messy bad work.   For being faithful to work with whatever talent they carry with them - and doing the hard work of strengthening what they have.  

Life is hard.  Some wrestle more than others.  Some carry weight we do not see.  But I wonder if we removed the labels and saw each other.  If we sat across from one another with a cup of coffee and thanked each other for what we bring to the world.  Not matter how large or small it is.  If we said - "keep going".  If we said "what you do matters - I hope you have the courage to keep creating good in the world."  

Because I think we are all searching for pieces of home in our world.  And I think all of us, no matter how talented we are, long to be reminded that we have a place to call home - a place where we can be reminded that we are not alone.  That what we do matters.  That who we are matters to this world - no matter how big or small our contribution to the world may be.  

"We can't take any credit for our talents. It's how we use them that counts.” Madeleine L'Engle