seriously silly

There is much that is hard in the world.  There are days of weight and sadness.  There is pain we each carry, specific individual pains and struggles.  There is pain we carry as a country.  Scars and weight emerging from our history. There is pain in the world.  Pain suffered by those who are far from us, and yet are like us, people with hopes and dreams. 

I never want to minimize suffering or struggle or pain.  A deep pain takes time to heal.  It is not pushed pass in a few moments or days or even years.  It can remain with us for a lifetime.  Yet, it can often feel in my moments of sadness that the line between laughter and tears are much closer than we imagine.  That a good cry and a good laugh can carry a sense of washing and renewal.  And some days the laughter moves to tears or the tears move to laughter. 

There are days when I embrace the silly.  Very seriously.  And despite what is expected of my age or any other expectations of being an adult.  I find that the practice of the seriously silly is a gift when we face weight and suffering. 

Maybe what organizations like, Clowns Without Borders or others who bring silly into the world are reminding us - is the power of laughter to connect us.  To remind us to play.  To see.  To embrace the freedom that comes from good laughs and good cries.  And the reminder that the vulnerability of laughter and tears is at the heart of being human.   That laughter can be a healing balm in the darkness of pain. 

I leave you with some silly videos to start your week....