The Lonely Clown

I don't have any big projects at the moment so I've been experimenting and playing with stories in different ways.  One such experiment has been with Instagram, playing with creating short stories/ideas in 15 seconds.  

In the midst my heart has been full of the hurt in the world. 

I don't have answers. 

But I keep thinking about stories.  

I've always been drawn to stories from countries and places far from my own.  The differences push me to think about stories in new ways, as well as reminding me how connected we are as people.  We all mourn and laugh.  

Nearly three years ago my mom started watching Korean TV.  I joined her.  I can't explain all of what draws me to Korean storytelling.  Perhaps it's the love of food - and the central character it so often plays.  Maybe the family structures and dynamics that remind me of my own family.  Or it could be the emotional ranges the characters explore that are different than American TV/Film.

The news is full of fear.  A  reminded of how easily I fall into fear.  Loneliness.  Distrust.  

Yes, the world is scary.  Fearful.  And loneliness doesn't discriminate. 


Despite my fear.  Despite loneliness.  

I hope I still have courage to step into stories - those of people near and far away.  

The best stories are not devoid of conflict or fear.  They are instead full of characters, who despite the conflict, and their own fears, strive to tell a different story. 

So I created a little Thank You to the Korean artists whose work has reached into my heart and mind the last few years.   Because here in Western, PA, in a place far away and culturally different, I have been given the gift and reminder through these stories that I am not alone. For me that is the beauty of storytelling.  The powerful ways it reminds us that we are not alone. 

So wherever you are tonight.  Even if you are feeling afraid, lonely, discouraged, excited, joyful - or all of them at once.  I hope you know that you walk this earth with millions of others who also mourn and laugh.  

May we tell stories that remind each other of our connections.  That we are not alone. 

And to all the Artists near and far who tell stories that remind me that I'm not alone - Thank You.  

Now go hug someone :).  Because I think we could all use a hug.  

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