Little Steps

Winter is hard.  I have very strong urges to hibernate until spring appears.  

The year has started with what has felt like a thousand little steps.  A scattering of projects and ideas and moments.  I'm thankful for time.  Because I'm learning that this creative journey is a marathon. That it's the thousand little steps that you take one after another that matter.  I'm not a sprinter - but I often want to rush to the end.  I have to remind myself of a conversation I had when I first started teaching.  I was feeling frustrated and wanting to be much further in my development.  A teacher who had been teaching for 20 plus years, reminded me that I couldn't expect to have the same level of expertise as someone who had been teaching for so long.  That I needed to put in the time. 

There are days when I look at my work and feel frustrated. It's easy to see all the places where I want improvement or growth to occur.  It is at this point I have to remind myself about the little steps. That consistent little steps over time create the path to the depth of work I am striving after. And that you have to start somewhere - even if it is messy. So here are a bunch of little steps.  Pieces of the start of this year.  

Starting at the Top Left. 

1. Win-Win Kung Fu - I've been learning traditional Chinese Martial arts. Baby steps - but I'm learning and being stretched. :)  

2. Maple Films - The short film I worked on with Maple Films last fall got into the Cleveland International Film Festival.  Mind over Manners.

3. Language of Romance - I had the chance to perform with Lara Lynn Cottrill and Marie Libal-Smith to help promote their new CD.  I do believe this is the best way to spend Valentine's Day - performing :) 

4. Second Annual Artists Festival - Lara and I have been busy working to promote Amiche's Artists Festival. And we are still looking for Artists and Performers.  

5. Pittsburgh Public Theater Shakespeare Competition - 2015 was another year getting the chance to coach and judge students for this great competition held in February. 

6. "Research"...The great part of acting is you can watch lots of movies and say you're studying/researching.  But I do get good ideas from my research :) And some of the projects I'm working on, that I can't share at this point, were influenced by a Korean TV show.