Happy Birthday Shakespeare

Shakespeare's work has become a mark for my growth as a performer.  He was the first playwright who taught me to love words.  To love a script that challenges me with something new each time I read it.   And his work has helped me see that no matter our time in history, culture, or age there are emotions deep in our hearts that we can all relate to.   

I come again and again to his words because it pushes me and teaches me to be a better performer.  And there is a magic in his words that still finds me just like they did the first time I read them in middle school. His work isn't for everyone.  But for me, the passion in his plays, have provided a space to funnel my own deep felt feelings for the world.  And each time I come back to his work, I see that I've learned a little more about myself and my acting. 

I'm grateful for his complex female characters, filled with wit and strength, that help me explore what it means to be human.  

So in honor of what he has taught me and what I'm still learning - here's a day of playing with Shakespeare's words.  

Juliet - from Romeo and Juliet

Lady Macbeth - from Macbeth

Rosalind - from As You Like It

Sonnet 116