There are months of planning in the creative process and then moments when things come together.  The next few months will bring a great deal of the planning and dreaming work together for some events that have filled my days over the past year. So a few things to share....

1. Mind Over Manners -The short film I had the chance to be in last fall with Maple Films is on-line to view.  It's always great working with this group and it's amazing what you can accomplish in 48 Hours with a group of hardworking folks.  You can view it here - Mind Over Manners 

2. Women Composers Concert - Due to the generous support of the Jubilation Concert Series there will be a free concert on May 3rd in Beaver, PA celebrating female composers, including music from Amiche's up-coming performance of "The Heart of Shahrazad".  Click to Learn More. 

3. Artists Festival - At Amiche we've been spending months planning this event.  And we are excited to join with other artists to present to you a festival celebrating art in the community to be held June 6th in Beaver, PA.   It's a great event for the whole family.  There are still spots available for artists looking to sell their work - to find out how to sign up click on the link - Artists Festival 2015. 

4. Shakespeare Camp - In July I'll be teaching a Shakespeare Camp focusing on Acting for students in grades 7th-12th.  Due to the generous support of grants and the Beaver Falls Library, the camp is free to students who register.  Click on the link to learn more. 

5. The Heart of Shahrazad - In August, a piece I wrote, will be performed by Amiche Artists in Pittsburgh, PA at three different locations in the city.  In my own life art is often a reminder that I am not alone. That there are others who understand me and help me to grow into more of the person I can be.  My great hope is that this piece helps others know that they aren't alone.  The story focuses on violence in the world, specifically the violence that women face.  Often the response that survivors of violence face is shame and isolation.  It is our hope that as we perform this piece that we can walk alongside those who experience violence or are working to bring healing where there is violence.  It is my hope that in some way we might be a voice that reminds people they are not alone.  Tickets are available for purchase here - Tickets.  In the months leading up to the performance we are working to spread the word to as many people and organizations as we can. If you know of people who might be interested in this performance you can share more about the show here - The Heart of Shahrazad  

6.  Instagram - I'm also challenging myself to sharing a line of poetry or script each day on Instagram (excepting days of travel or lack of internet coverage).  You can follow me on Instagram here -sarahbcarleton  

Looking forward to my 'to-do' lists coming to life and sharing them with you.