Summer, Here's my Heart

I love summer.  As an August baby born on a record hot year - I love the heat and sunshine and eagerly await it each year.  This summer is no different, and I can't wait for it to arrive.  The month of May has been a mix of getting some rest and diving further into the preparations for the many events that this summer holds.  (Check my Calendar for more details about this Summer's events.) 

I'm thankful for some time this month to prepare mentally and emotionally for this summer.  Because in August, I'm taking the step to share a huge part of my heart in a new piece that I wrote for Amiche - The Heart of Shahrazad, and that takes courage.  

It is always my hope that the work I do touches the audience in some way.  And in this performance I hope that it speaks of healing and beauty.  That the work we create as performers is a gift that heals hearts. 

I know life is messy.  Often confusing.  Often hard.  And creating, as much as I love it, is filled with the mess of life.  

But Summer reminds me to be bold.  To share the passion that lives in my heart.   And it is my hope that the work I share this summer is a gift that fills the world with glimpses of beauty.  

So Summer, here is my heart.  Filled with all the passion it holds, spilling as boldly as I can, into the world.