Art work by Sombre Carleton - now hanging on my wall. 

Art work by Sombre Carleton - now hanging on my wall. 

I tell myself that I want to grow as an artist.  That I want to push myself and stretch and get better.  And I do.  But growing and stretching is hard.  It's been over a year of working on The Heart of Shahrazad.  And it stretched me. 

It will take time to process and reflect and debrief.  Time to think through the good and still needs work portions.  

The reality is that art happens with help.  With lots of people picking up the pieces and walking alongside the process.  It's humbling.  

I face the weeks to come with my never ending list of questions about art and creating.  The risks, the sacrifices, the whys and hows.  And most of them won't get answered anytime soon. But I think the last six years of creating, post graduate school, have taught me that stubborn persistence is needed, of that I am certain.  

Life post show is time spent debriefing and reflecting on what worked and didn't work.  Time to fill up on others art after pouring myself out.  Time to try to pay bills and make space to keep creating.  

The question is often - what's next.  I'm not sure.  Though I'm hoping my next project doesn't include me writing, co-producing and performing all at once.  It would be nice to just be an actor.  (So anyone looking for a short petite actress for their next film/project/performance let me know. :) )  In the meantime my biggest goal is to watch a lot of Korean Dramas and get caught up on my to do list (which is miles long).  

But first - Thank You - to all the folks who helped make The Heart of Shahrazad happen.  To those who came and bore witness to the story I wrote and performed in with my fellow artists - Thank You. And to my family members who put up with this crazy thank you. 

And to all the folks out there who stretch themselves to grow and learn and work to pour their souls into the world - I'm cheering you on.