I need your stories...

I need stories.  

I need those cheesy stories. The silly TV shows that are not 'high art'.  That I binge watch to help my mind unwind and rest.

I need fantasy stories full of dragons and impossible situations. 

I need pop music and dance music. 

I need over the top silly comedy and goofy antics. 

Because I'm a doubter, a wrestler, a "want-to-be" optimist who needs stories.  Like I need water and air.  

I know creating art is hard.  Don't get me started.  I know how impossible it is. 

And like me, you might not be in the center of 'art's worlds'.  You're just in your little corner of the world with the daily struggles to live life and yet some how you are creating stories and art. 

And today I say THANKS!. 

Thanks for creating.  For that bad art that led to that great song.  For those years of drawing badly to create that fun comic.  For that one good story and the many failed ones after.  For holding on to a sense of wonder and curiosity.  

For fighting all the inner struggles that might keep you from creating. 

For creating even when you didn't think anyone would notice or care or listen.

For making art even if it won't make you famous or change the art world as we know it - but brought a smile to someone's face or tears to help them feel.   

So thanks for making all that bad art and practicing and practicing so that good stories can emerge. 

And though it may feel like no one notices or even cares - know that there is someone in a small corner of the world in Western, PA who is really thankful that you are creating art.  You might not change the world - but you are helping one person who really needs stories. Who loves the inspiration and beauty of traveling and stories from around the world.  And the aw of genius creators.  But who still needs you.  Those creators who aren't famous or geniuses or world changers.  Those who breathe stories even in the small spaces and corners - you are as needed as the big voices.  

So thanks - all you weavers of tales and stories and art and beauty.  

I hope you keep creating.  

Because I need you.  

I need the big stories and the small stories and the ones that come from the unlikely places.  

Because I'm a wrestler and a doubter and a 'want-to-be' optimist - I need your stories. 

So don't give up - keep telling those stories.