2016 Wrap Up and 2017 Preview

So a few end of 2016 in review moments and a preview of 2017. As always a huge shout out to the folks who walk alongside me in the midst of all the ups and downs.  For the coffees, meals, conversations, hugs, encouraging words, financial gifts and more....Thank You! The below happens because of the support!

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Teaching/Directing/SP Work

Acting Classes - I'm excited to announce I'll be teaching again at the Henry Mancini Academy on Tuesday evenings for students ages 8-17.  If you know of any young students interested in acting - acting classes are a great Christmas gift and registration is open for classes starting the end of January. 

Directing -  A huge shout out to East End Performing Arts run by Jamie Faire for connecting me with the Community Day School.  I'll be directing their spring musical, James and the Giant Peach Jr. and rehearsals are already underway with performances to be held on March 29th, 30th, and April 2nd 2017. 

Standardized Patient Work - One of my favorite jobs, that both challenges and inspires me, is the Standardized Patient work that I do.  Here's a link to the audio and transcript WESA-FM did on the SP Program I'm a part of: WESA-FM featured our SP Program for their series, “Bridges to Health”. 



Writing - This summer I finally put together some of the scripts I've used over the years in various Shakespeare camps that I've run.  And they are all available for purchase in my store. One of the three scripts, Our Seven Ages - A Shakespeare ReMix is also available on Amazon.  

Kickstand, a short film I acted in this summer for the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project won Audience Award for its group showing.  

Here Beside Me - You can watch the short film I performed in with Pittsburgh Actor's Space for the Four Points Film Project at the link to the right.  Also if you are an actor or creative in Pittsburgh be sure to check out the great work that Valerie Gasior is doing and the generous spirit she brings to the creative world of Pittsburgh Actor's Space


A Christmas Carol - A Radio Play with the Ghost Light Theater Company. This was my first time performing in a radio play and it was great fun learning multiple roles and working on my voice to convey these characters with live foley and music on stage. 







Audio Book - I put together my first audio book this summer and had the great opportunity of working on my sister's book.  You can purchase a copy of the audio or written version on Amazon.   




Again a huge thanks to everyone who has helped me walk through this year.  And don't forget to follow along on social media to see how 2017 unfolds :)....