What if we rebelled more as actors?

One of the things that frustrates me in talking to actors is the sense that there is a lack of control that often runs through the actor's world.  A waiting for someone to notice an audition and cast you.  Waiting for someone to decide that they want to work with you.  Waiting and more waiting. 

I dislike this for a few reasons.  

1. I'm not good at waiting. 

2. It creates discouraged disheartened creators. 

3. It creates a sense that actors have no control of their work or future. 

If creatives/actors/artists are stereotyped as rule breakers I'm often amazed at how closely we hold to ideas/rules about how actors are to create.  

I know some of the boundaries are there for good reasons.  And I believe in boundaries, I think it creates better atmospheres for art to have space to come to life. 

But what if...

What if we didn't wait for someone else but created our own work? 

What if we created in non-traditional spaces and locations? 

What if we didn't put the value on how much our work made and instead the ways it brought people together? 

What if we celebrated others work instead of finding all the ways to destroy each other? 

What if we created in the midst of our fear and still put one foot in front of the other and and made stuff?

What if we weren't afraid of making mistakes?  

What if we didn't let all the things that might keep us from being cast stop us and instead used them to create stories that aren't being told? 

What if we didn't let our looks, age, race, gender...etc. keep us from creating? 

I realize that practicing these questions most likely won't result in making money.  Or even be art that reaches large audiences. 

I know that this kind of art doesn't often pay the bills and is hard to market. 

But perhaps, just perhaps we'd be less frustrated as actors/creators if we made work. If we were more rebellious and said we weren't going to wait for someone to notice us and instead created now, where we are, with what we have, and in the circumstances we are in the midst of. 

Because if we got into acting because we love it then it would be worth it.  

If we want to act because we want to be noticed or make lots of money than another approach is necessary! :) 

I look at these 'what if' questions and remind myself that these are for me. That the creative journey is a strange journey - but life is strange.  And no one is stopping us from creating right where we are.  Creating where we are, with what we have, and who we are, may mean swallowing our pride and feeling stupid and making mistakes...it's hard.

But what if.... 

What if we rebel - Act/Create - even if we don't have the perfect headshot, resume, and we just bombed that audition and that other actor turned their nose up at your resume, or we're too old or not the right look, or you're fighting the never ending script in your head that tells you that you are wasting your time.  

What if we said - enough is enough.  

Let's create.  Let's tell stories.  With a belief that there isn't a shortage of roles in the world.  That the only limit is our imaginations.  Let's flood the world with creators who say - I get to create today - instead of I have to wait for someone to give me that big break.  

And what if our dream was not about what we accomplish, but rather what kind of person we are becoming while chasing after those dreams and creating.