In a Day...

It can be strange to explain my life/days to people.  I don't have a 'typical' schedule.  It tends to change from week to week, day to day.  In general I like this.  I enjoy the variety of things I'm able to experience and do.  There are other days when I sit in front of my computer overwhelmed trying to balance numerous jobs.  

There is no typical 'actor' schedule.  It varies greatly depending on the person and what work they are getting and their individual goals as an actor.  

There are days when I'm super productive and others when I sit overwhelmed, not sure of how to plan and balance dreams with bills.  There are days that feel full of creativity and others spent in front of a computer organizing and scheduling.  

My life as an actor.  My life as a creator.  Changes.  Stops and starts.  Good days.  Hard days.    

And somedays I capture moments from my day to remind myself that all the seconds add up.  That there are so many ways to be human, actors, creators, individuals, and community members.