With Gratitude

2017 was the first year since graduating from grad school I wasn't teaching as an adjunct at a college.  It was also the first year that the majority of my work was free lance.  It was a change for sure and I'm still sorting out this shift in schedule and work.  

The end of the year has meant collecting all the information for the year and putting records together. Pausing to look over the past year and the opportunities and jobs has been the reminder that no matter how uncertain the year was the consistent part was the people in my life.  So many of my jobs came from friends recommendations or from other jobs I was doing.  

And so the year ends with gratitude.  Many other emotions and struggles as well - but I want the word that ends the year to be one of gratitude.  For the people who have come alongside me and encouraged and supported me this year.  Thank you.  

As I reflect on a new year and the coming of 2018 - I have a lot of blank space in front of me.  I'm not sure what the new year will hold or what goals I will set for myself and my work.  But I want to start and end this 2017/2018 time with thanks.  The rest is a big unknown.