Post Show Pause...


On April 2nd we finished the last of three shows of James and the Giant Peach Jr that I directed for a middle school.  I was fortunate to work with a great team of teachers and a wonderful Tech Director.  One of the aspects I enjoy about creating is the intensity that builds with a project and then it's finished.  And the end always comes with a mix of emotions.  Some projects I'm grateful they are done and others there is a deep sadness and letting go of something I have poured my heart into.  I can't always predict how I will "feel" after a project ends.  But I do know that there will be the post show 'emotions'.  

This show was a big project with 23 middle school cast members and 13 middle school crew members. People have many opinions about creating.  But my hope with this project, and when I teach, is to provide a place for students to learn life skills that acting can so beautifully teach us - teamwork, listening, vulnerability, service, and imagination.  I believe that acting should be a service.  An act of service towards the audience, the text, and each other as you work and co-create.  I'm thankful for those who have modeled that for me in my own work. Hopefully pieces of that connected with this cast. 

With the end of the show it's been nice to have a bit of a rest to audition and do some of my own work.  I don't have any big personal projects in the works.  But I keep thinking about what I want to work on next or what should be the next big project to explore personally.  Or maybe even smaller projects.   

For the moment though, its nice to pause and regroup after the close of the show.