To Create...

Creating and working in the creative fields means there are many ways to go about the path of creating.  No artists path looks the same.  This can cause excitement and frustration for me on any given day.  

There have been a few underlying pieces that have been anchors for me in the creative process. 


1. Working with people who love and are passionate about creating. 

2. Pushing myself in my work to do things that are going to help me grow as an artist.

3. Doing what I can to create and support art/work that looks like the family I grew up in - diverse in personality and racial background. 

4. Take the hard things in my life and create something beautiful out of it. 

I'm not always successful in creating work like this, but these are for me, what I keep coming back to as a focus and direction. 

Over the last five months I have worked on two large writing projects that I submitted to competitions.  I write because it helps me grow as an actor, because it helps me think about story, it provides ways for me to put hard things into something beautiful, and it helps me process my own life story. 

Whether these projects ever see the light of day.  Whether they are ever produced or seen by anyone they are the reminder to me of the choices I have in life.  The choice to put my time and energy into work that puts me a step at a time towards these goals and passions. 

There are days when I think about the world and my own life and it feels overwhelming and dark.  For me this choice to keep creating in the midst is my fight.  My step to see the beauty in the world and imagine and create it one step at a time.  

To create is my fight song.  My stubborn resistance against my own pain and the worlds pain and the fight to celebrate what is yet beautiful and wonderful.