Mary's Prayer

This piece was written for and performed for New Community Church's Christmas service on Decemeber 23rd, 2012.



It is the evening before Mary leaves for home after being with Elizabeth for three months. She has slipped outside and is looking up at the stars, feeling small and uncertain. 

Are you sleeping? I can’t seem to. I keep thinking about having to leave tomorrow. Some days the angel’s visit feels like a dream, but I can feel my body changing and I’m sensing you more and more. Elizabeth says I will be able to feel you move soon. 

I’m not sure what will happen to us when we go home. Elizabeth tells me to be strong and have courage. Mary, she says, remember Rehab and Ruth, they had nothing and Yahweh provided for them and they trusted in his promises. Trust in him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3)

I’m scared. What if I’m not enough? What if I can’t protect you? 

Yahweh, Elizabeth says you often call us on journeys that don’t have clear paths. But that as you provided for our forefathers in the desert you will provide a light for me, for us. Help me to remember the words of the angel, that nothing is impossible with you. Nothing. That I can look at these stars and remember your covenant with Abraham.

Yahweh I don’t know what tomorrow will bring…but My soul glorifies you
and my spirit rejoices in my Savior, 
for you have been mindful 
of the humble state of your servant. 

From now on all generations will call me blessed,
for the Mighty One has done great things for me—

holy is your name. 

You have helped your servant Israel,
 remembering to be merciful
to Abraham and his descendants forever. (Luke 1) 

I too am your servant may it be to me as you have said. I will go wherever you lead. 


© Sarah Carleton 2012