On April 28th, 2012 this piece was performed  for a group gathered for a conference called A Certain Place Conference.

We were given the task of creating something that had to do with the three words 'vagrants, lovers, and thieves'. When I started thinking about these words, and what I thought about when they were together, I was drawn to the book of Hosea in the Old Testament. 

This is a piece about wounds and pain and healing and the long journeys we sometimes have to take on that path towards healing.


#1 Snapshot
(She is having a conversation with Hosea)

Have you ever thought that maybe God made a mistake?
You don’t even know who I am.
You are so naive.
I’m tired of pretending I’m something I’m not.
I can’t keep doing this. 
I’m sorry. 

(She walks away from him.)

#2 Snapshot
(She is sitting with her back turned hunched over in a prison. She is started by Hosea's voice.)

What are you doing here?
Just go.

Come to gloat?
Yes, I guess all those rumors were true.

I tried to warn you.
You wouldn’t listen.

Don’t’ tell me that God sent you here to find me.

Ask him if he loves me so much, why am I in this hell hole?
Ask him where he was when my father raped me?
Tell me. What kind of God lets that happen to a child?

Go back to your home and your God. 
He doesn’t belong here.

#3 Snapshot
(Alone again she turns and reads a letter from Hosea.) 

I am praying that your Valley of Trouble may become a door of hope 

Know that
I will betroth you to me 
I will betroth you in
Righteousness and 
In love and compassion
I will betroth you in

Come, Let us return to the 

He has torn us to pieces
But he will heal us;
He has injured us
But he will bind up our wounds

He will speak tenderly to us and no one can take us out of his hands. (from Hosea NIV version)

© 2012 Sarah Carleton