In the fall of 2017 I worked with Eliane Aberdam to create a short opera idea for a competition.  We didn't get selected but this is the result of what I wrote.  The piece focuses on three women.  A social worker named Naomi who deals with her own sense of her work and place in helping others and two adoptees who struggle with the complexities of being adopted by families that are different races than their own.  I have spent many years listening to and reflecting on what race means in America in the context of transracial adoption.  I have much to learn. But the stories of transracial adoptees in the US has shown me again and again how much we have to work to heal racism in the US.  Identity and loss are often at the heart of adoptees stories and we all work through loss and identity in different ways.  I hope that we have courage to listen to one anothers stories.  And that in our white communities we take the time to stop and listen to the cries of racism that is part of our history as a culture and country.   May we listen and move to act in ways that creates a country that sees all people, regardless of race as valued and loved.  May we have the courage to walk with others in suffering even when it is not our own.