Original Work


 The Heart of Shahrazad (2015) written by Sarah Carleton with music composed by Eliane Aberdam.  Co-produced with Lara Lynn McGill.  Performed by Sarah Carleton, soprano Lara Lynn McGill, and harpist Marissa Avon. 

“It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before” -was my first impression after I saw the World Premiere of Amiche’s new work The Heart of Shahrazad. Staging in the majestic Mansions on Fifth Hotel, this refreshing piece of art, with libretto by Sarah Carleton and music by Eliane Aberdam, combines the beauty of opera and acting into one mind-cleansing journey: a healing through story-telling...Her interpretation of the progression of Shahrazad’s internal struggle and pain was truthful and sincere. And her portrait of the character’s exploration and change over the course of the story was compelling and exhilarating." Review - http://www.pghintheround.com/the-heart-of-shahrazad/

Portrait of a Family (2010) "Portrait of a Family is moving, spectacular and filled with substance.  Written and performed by actor/dancer Sarah Carleton (music composed by Dan Cassin), this one-woman show brilliantly tells her story as a white sibling internally grappling with her reality belonging to a blended family with adopted brothers and sisters of color and within a world that does not always understand her family or her.  This performance  majestically portrayed through voice and dance is a must see for all those touched by adoption and those that are called to racial and ethnic reconciliation." Rhonda M. Roorda,  Adoptee and Coauthor of the Landmark Trilogy on Transracial Adoption - In Their Own VoicesIn Their Parents' Voices, and In Their Siblings' Voices



"Sarah Carleton is an exceptional instructor, creative, and collaborator whose presence in an asset to the team and the company environment as a whole.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah on my team as an instructor and team leader, in addition to having had the pleasure of observing her as an Actor and educator.

Sarah is not only a highly competent instructor of all ages, she is also a uniquely empathetic and intuitive team member. In Sarah’s classroom I observed her ability to generate age-appropriate and level-appropriate material and expertly adapt the material and her style of instruction to meet the needs of each student. She provides quality instruction in an expeditious way with a solid dose of fun for all ages .

As a team leader during our department Productions Sarah was an integral part of keeping the show running and helping beginner students navigate complex “kids” and “junior” shows, all the while maintaining a peaceful and steady presence."  Val Williams https://www.valwilliamscreative.com

"Once again, let me thank you for everything you did for my classes today. You are amazing, and that workshop far exceeded any expectations that I had! I appreciate you and your dedication to your Art and to educating others. Bravo!" Alissa Sgro, Hickory High School English Department

"During the summer, our library had the privilege of hosting a 4 week acting class, with Sarah Carleton facilitating. Sarah was warm and welcoming with our tweens and teens, keeping in mind their comfort level and abilities. Several of our participants were shy and had a hard time coming out of themselves, however, Sarah put them at ease and encouraged them to express themselves and find their voice. I was very pleased with the format of her acting class, which was far more versatile than I had expected. I would recommend her to any organization that is interested in providing classes that focus on team and character building, acting and self expression.
-Kristen Janci, Coordinator of Teen and Outreach Services, B.F. Jones Memorial Library

"You made it a great week for them, Sarah. Primo performances can only be developed, coaxed, elicited in a mere week's time by a primo director."  Laura Miller (parent) from Shakespeare in the Woods camp 2013